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Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Self-Healing, and Womb Healing. Creating Elixirs and Blends that are infused with Roses, Pearls and/or Rose Quartz Crystals

Roses & Pearls Bath and Skin Care products are meditated and prayed over, setting the intentions of self-love and healing while being serenaded by and aligned to the vibration of love. Sometimes the vibrations and energy that we surround ourselves with are not always considered, but can make a world of difference in our aura, mind, body and spirit if we become more conscious of the energy that we receive. Experiencing the stresses of everyday life can take a toll on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state, which leaves us with a less open heart. Roses & Pearls Shop not only creates products that allow us to physically look good but also assists in emotional and spiritual healing so that we can operate at our highest good


Loving and putting ourselves first seems to make everything magically fall into place. We feel liberated, light as a feather, and life seems to whisk us away like the summer breeze. Our hearts are able to function from a place of purity and openness, and the mountains of the day that seemed impossible to move begin to diminish with ease. Self-Love is by far the most important energy we can attract to ourselves. Knowing that love is the law and highest power, let us always remember to serenade ourselves with an abundance of love, so that we can be of a better service to not only ourselves but to the world.

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