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Sex Goddess Bath & Body Oil a Self-Love Aphrdsidiac potion, infused with a divine goddess blend of fresh water pearls, essential oils, rose petals, dried lavender, rose quartz and crystal powder. This oil creates a  vibrant magnetism of passion, seduction, and a highly loving vibration around yourself and also works as an aphrodisiac. Not only can it be used to invoke attraction but it is also used to asist you on your self-love journey and grant access to parts of yourself that has become blocked as a result of certain experiences. Sex Goddess Potion assists with removing emotional blockages within the womb and heart, allowing you to give and recieve love more easily. It allows us to shift our mindset into a more positive direction, dissolving feelings of fear, resentment, sadness, anger, unforgiveness, and any emotional thought parerns that goes against our highest good. This can result in uplifting your mood, increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, and making you more self-aware, intune, and connected with yourself. Sex Goddess Bath & Body Oil helps activate the healing and goddess within, leaving you feeling more empowered.


Grant yourself access for this oil to not only help assist you in spritual and emotional healing, but also leave your skin hydrated as the aroma of the essential oils penetrate, connect and heighten your senses. Opening your mind and heart to connect to your deepest emotions.


Beautiful glass bottle. 4oz


Each Item is Blessed, annointed, and aligned to the frequency of love, healing and harmony. Making sure that each individual item is handled with the best care and energy. This oil promotes self-love, unconditional love, healing of the heart, romance, and assists in raising self-esteem, and self worth.


MYSTICAL ELEMENTS: Grapeseed OIl, Olive Oil, Dried Roses, Dried Lavender, RoseQuartz Crystal Powder, Pearl Powder, Essential Oil Blend, Love Vibes (See Mystical Elements Page)


PREPARATION FOR PAMPERING: Draw a warm bath, making sure it covers the lower half of your body (feel free to add more water according to your preference). Once the water is to your liking, add 1 teaspoon of the Sex Goddess Bath/Body Oil to your bath water. Can be rubbed on your body (for ultimate annointing/blessing), your heart, your womb area, or pulse points.

Sex Goddess Bath & Body Oil

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