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It's where the magick begins

An enchanted kit of potions, prayers, oils & herbal blends

Transformation, Transmutation, to your will your womb shall bend

Always remember the Kingdom of Heaven is within

And within is where you shall start to mend

This Womb Wellness kit shall help your womb & heart ascend


This womb wellness kit is for OVERALL womb care. This kit includes a months worth of products that has been prayed over to help assist with removing emotional blockages stored within the womb and heart and calling your power back to you! Our womb is our second heart and is the seat of our emotions, therefore it is an extrememely delicate area, carrying our life story of all we suppress. This kit can be purchased as a detox and stregthener for the womb (and emotions) and to assist with endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular mentrual cycle, cramps, balancing hormones, increasing circulation in the womb ( if you spot a lot before your actual mentrual bleeding begins), reducing mucus, and enhancing kidney and liver function. For every physical imbalance and disharmony in the body first stems from an unresolved emotion, making it impertinent for us to get to the core of the issue to truly eradicate issues, invoking the most powerful release and restore our wombs.


This kit includes:

  • 1 Prayer for you to be apart of your own healing process by using the power of your words
  • 32oz Herbal Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic
  • 5oz of Uterine Health Tea
  • Womb Care Oil
  • 9 Vaginal Steams (3 a week. Do not use on your menstruating)
  • Vaginal (yoni) Egg)
  • Peite Potion Package ( mini bath/body oils from the Roses & Pearls Collection)


Emotional Womb Trauma can stem from:

  • Having a Hysterectomy, Abortion, Miscarriage, Sexual Assault, molestation, incest, physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse.
  • Any type of surgery/procedure such as a Biopsy, D&C, LEEP Procedure (removing cancerous cells from the cervix and vagina),
  • Being bullied, rejected and neglected.
  • Contracting STD's. Having sexual partners that do not display love and care for you or your body.
  • Abuse from doctors or medical professionals.
  • Traumatic childbirth and pregnancy.
  • Any form of stress or grief experience and so much more.


Prayer Potion in Motion! Potions Apotheka provides a thouroughly written prayer with this product to invoke further transformation on an emotional, spriritual and physical level, to resolve the issue at its core! Not only do we provide the prayer we also take the time to pray over and bless the products to give it a more personable touch. Our creation process is of top tier vibes to assist you in harmonizing your body. We hold the power of life and death in our tongue, making us all powerful! Take control of your life and align yourself with the alchemist, the god, and heavens that already dwells within us all. Bring "death" to the disease in your body and invoke life by propelling positive energy forward with your powerful words. You should always be present and involved in your own healing process and although we pray over the products. we encourage you to speak power into yourself as well.

    Vibrant Vagina Kit