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Vibrant Vagina Uterine Health Potion is an herbal tea blend that assist with OVERALL GENERAL WOMB WELLNESS, many imbalances in the womb not limited to but including, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, and many other issues that disrupts the harmony of the womb. This potion assists with balancing hormones, breaking down and expelling mucus, creating more heat and circulation to the womb, balancing liver function, detoxing the blood and helping stagnant blood to flow.


We are all one with the Five Elements in the universe which helps us to maintain wholeness and wellness in our temple (body). Fibroids and cysts in the womb represents an imbalance of the water element in the body. The presence of fibroids and cysts in the body is an indication that there is a build up of mucus which is associated wih an overabundance of the water element. For us to bring balance into the body we have to introduce the fire element in order to balance out the water. Fibroids and cysts also means that the womb is "cold", so bringing in fire, through the means of spices and herbs will help warm the womb and expel the cold. 


When mucus is present, emotionally, there is unresolved grief that resides within us. Metaphysically, mucus is a representation of us crying on the inside! So, it's literally a build up of tears (water elememnt again), our grief and sorrow manifesting physically as fibroids, cysts, and tumors.


Prayer Potion in Motion! Potions Apotheka provides a thouroughly written prayer with this product to invoke further transformation on an emotional, spriritual and physical level, to resolve the issue at its core! Not only do we provide the prater we also take the time to pray over and bless the products to give it a more personable touch. Our creation process is of top tier vibes to assist you in harmonizing your body. We hold the power of life and death in our tongue, making us all powerful! Take control of your life and align yourself with the alchemist, the god, and heavens that already dwells within us all. Bring "death" to the disease in your body and invoke life by propelling healing energy forward with your powerful words. You should always be present and involved in your own healing process and although we pray over the products. we encourage you to speak power into yourselg as well.



Vibrant Vagina Uterine Health Potion (tea)

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