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i am chanara and i present to you, realm of the roses apothecary. a potion is a liquid or substance with healing or magical properties. it invokes transformation from within in order to shift external results. magick...alchemy is the key to healing. as the proverb goes, "as above, so below. as within, so without. on earth as it is in heaven". as we shift our internal being, the forces around us must shift as well. my desire is to reveal to you the path of healing through alchemy. realm of the roses potions products are all anointed, prayed over and blessed with the highest intention to assist with removing removing disharmony within the body on a metaphysical, spiritual and emotional level in order to assist in restoring the body. "the kingdom of heaven is within you and who so ever shall know him/herself shall find it" Allow realm of the roses potions to bring heaven to earth and illuminate the true magick and essence with you.

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