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Mystical Elements

Rose Quartz: Also known as the stone of Love, is used to attract love, heal issues of the heart, helps to clear anger, jealousy, and resentment. It vibrates with the energy of unconditional love and opens the heart to forgiveness and to many different faces of love, whether it is platonic, romantic, friendship, family and most importantly, self-love. The rose quartz can be used to bring balance to the emotions and reduces stress, anxiety and aiding in deep emotional healing.

Roses are the flowers of Love, beauty, wisdom,sexuality, and sensuality. They help attract love and open oneself up to love, while enhancing passion and romance. An increase in sexual confidence and overall sexuality is a common attribute of  roses, this is why you will find them commonly used in aphrodisiacs. The promotion of Self-Love, self-confidence, self-acceptance, unconditional love, healing, and the release of pain and trauma are all associated with this timeless flower.

Pearls are said to connect us to our inner wisdom, intuition, sparks enlightenment of the mind and encourages inspiration. They enhance personal integrity and promotes loyalty, truth and purity. Pearls gives the wearer a sense of calmness and helps them to become more focused, centered and have peace of mind. Along with these attributes they also help us to connect with our inner goddess and divine feminine energy, allowing us to learn to love ourselves more as well as others. Pearls can allow a person to open up and find the meaning and purpose of their true self, guiding us with patience, protection, and Love.

Water: Many of our products involve bathing or showering because of the miraculous properties of the element of water. Water links us to our emotions, mysteries of self and is needed for spiritual rejuvenation. It is vital for life and is the element of compassion, as well as the essence of love with in. Not only does it bring about change and growth, but it is healing, cleansing, needed for purification, and helps with manifesting our desires.Water is a feminine element and is the element of Love. What better way to start your journey of self-love and healing than with this mystical element.

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