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Realm of The Roses Bathhouse Services
Prayers, baths, Oils, Aromas & The Power of Christ


Realm of The Roses Bathhouse's mission is to service women from all backgrounds and walks of life who are suffering in their womb, their body, wrestling with feelings of brokenness, depression, stress, hurt, grief, emotionally imbalanced, mentally unwell, broken hearted, and need a community. We are committed to helping women who have a longing for a revival in their life, restoration in their body, renewal of their mind, heart and spirit. As well as women who are seeking wholeness and are seeking how to love themselves. The creator of Realm of The Roses has discovered on their journey of life that we cannot love ourselves more than our knowledge and understanding of how much God loves us. All else is fleeting but, God remains the same. Therefore, the foundation, which is God, is unbreakable and stable. What better foundation to build our lives upon than one that is unbreakable? The greatest point of Realm of The Roses mission is to bring Glory to God by being used as a vessel for Christ Jesus to demonstrate His power through prayer, anointed baths, anointed oils, and anointed care services for the womb, heart, body, spirit and soul. Everyone deserves freedom and we would love to assist with helping to destroy spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional bondage through Jesus Christ. We invite you to come no matter what your beliefs are. You deserve God's love. You deserve God's Freedom. You deserve Restoration. God welcomes you with open arms to get to know Him and to experience His power and love. 

John 3:16

"For God so loved the world , that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"


Baptism of Sovereignty Bath Ritual

Sovereignty is tot reign over oneself, to be self-governing and have supreme power and authority over self. 

With that being said the Baptism of Sovereignty Bath Ritual not only facilitates spiritual cleansing, but is used to facilitate ownership, authority, and power over yourself and awaken the God within to activate the healing of Source God within you.

Water is an element used to purify, cleanse and balance emotions. Helping us to tap into the deepest parts of ourselves. Water is reveals the concealed and stores memory which is the reason its important for each bath to be blessed with intention. The Baptism of Sovereignty Bath Ritual will include candles, adding the fire element, rose petals, which is the highest vibrational flower on earth, and your choice of an anointed bath oil from our exclusive collection.

Reign in your essence with the Baptism of Sovereignty Bath Ritual which, includes a meditation, prayer, and a powerful Hebrew sequence of words to assist with your elevation, healing, and renewal of your mind, body, and spirit.


Realm of The Roses Vibrant Vaginal Steam Ritual

As you sit upon your throne not only will you be anointing your vagina and womb, you will also be treated as the royalty that you are born to be, by receiving the anointance of your feet, hands, forehead and abdominal (womb) area. Your hands and feet will be soaked in blessed water that has been prayed over with the intention of healing, harmonizing, and igniting your power and rubbed down with blessed aromatic oil. Each goddess will have their head, heart, and womb anointed to invoke connection to the source/God and restoration in the heart and womb. 

Goddess Chanara will lead every goddess into prayer and meditation to assist you in activating  your god/goddess self and facilitating the start of awareness, restoration, and renewal in your mind, body, and spirit.

Always remember that every person is sovereign and free, which allows us yo reign power over ourselves. I can not heal you, but i can be a guide yo assist you in reclaiming your power to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Realm of The Roses Vibrant Vagina Steam Ritual is not like any other steam you have experienced because we aim to help our clients to uncover issues at the root and to WILL your own unique power to restore and renew your heart, womb, mind, body, and spirit.

Realm of The Roses Vibrant Vagina Steam initiates the womb restoring process by having every goddess write out their own personalized prayers and intentions for their session. With focused intention and the power of your tongue, you will activate the power of healing within your body temple.


Body Anointing Ritual

Your body is a temple and is the home where God dwells, which should be treated as a place of honor, seeing that we are not separate from the divine Source.

Body Anointing is a ritual honoring the body temple with aromatic oils that have been blessed and prayed over using the power of Source God, with the intention of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical restoration. As the body temple is being anointed, Goddess Chanara will recite prayers and powerful word sequences to assist with facilitating healing in the mind, body, and spirit. The power of life and death resides inn the tongue and during this unique healing modality we are awakening and activating the Source God that dwells within us all by commanding, demanding, and declaring the healing that is needed in your body. Anointing the body is used to expel spiritual attachments that are the root of illness in the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Activating the God within awakens the power that dells within us. Reminding us that we are sovereign beings and everything we need begins with self. Allow Realm of The Roses to assist with transmuting your energetic, emotional, and spiritual body to banish, restore and renew. Always remember that your body is a temple and you're as beautiful as God is.


Smoke Bath

This ancient ritual is inspired by the beautiful women of Sudan, Asia, and the Middle East as a part of their self-care practices. This intimate beauty ritual is used to cleanse the mind and body, to induce a more relaxed and euphoric state, as well as reigniting your sensual passion. Taking a smoke bath is as much of a healing practice (both physical and spiritual) as it is a beauty ritual, and the women indulge in these beautifully scented smoke baths for pleasure, cleanliness, health, restoration of the vagina, and smoother and tighter skin. Realm of The Roses Bathhouse uses a mixture of frankincense, myrrh, amber, and sandalwood for your intimate cleansing ritual.

Benefits of Smoke Bath

  • help soothe the nervous system

  • relieves stress and anxiety

  • boosts fertility

  • eases menstrual cramps

  • balances hormones

  • tighten and soothes vagina

  • gives skin a glow

  • nourishes and hydrates the skin

  • help reduce dull complexion

  • acts as a sedative


This intimate treatment cleanses, detoxes, and rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit while inducing a state of euphoria. You will be rubbed down with our blends of anointed bath and body oils during the Body Anointing Ritual, and adorned in a beautiful robe to make sure your body is engulfed in the smoke from the therapeutic herbs and resins to cleanse your body.

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